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For those that remember the Muppets, this reminds me of Animal the drummer.
48 images stacked using Zerene stacker.
Canon R5, Canon MP-E65, Canon MT-26 twin lite flash.

Hi, I was born in Mansfield, UK and have spent most of my adult life living and working across the Middle East and Asia. I recently decided to resign from working in Dubai, where I have spent the past 30 years, to spend more time at home with...
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Andy Smith

New Member
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Sep 17, 2021
Great shot! Is she alive? How do you manage to get 48 images without the lady moving?
Unfortunately she was not alive, I found her on the floor and didn't want to waste the opportunity.
I try not to cause harm to insects when I photograph them, so when I find dead ones that are interesting to me, I put them in the fridge until I can take some images.
Although with the Canon R5, I can use the internal focus bracketing to take multiple shots very quickly when I am outdoors, which is a great feature as 50 shots only take a couple of seconds.