Your opinion? Impaled leaf and other first photos

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The member has asked your opinion about his/her photo(s) attached in the topic.
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Aug 4, 2020
Hi Neka Osorio Neka Osorio,

We encourage posting in English in the forum so we can all communicate with each other, we have members from all over the world and we use English as the standard format. We understand that not every one may be comfortable or experienced using English and sometimes it can be difficult but most members can usually get by with Google translate and we generally understand each other without too much problems.

Lucky for me I can read Spanish, so I will translate this thread for you, but please try to translate it yourself next time..

"My favourite, captured along a trail in a park in the south of Chile.

And others"

The first photo is good, a little abstract in nature and simplified to isolate the subject. There are good textures and tones, good colours, background bokeh is nice and soft, framing is a bit tight but it shows the subject well. Do you do any editing on these photos?

The second photo has nice colours, framing looks good, it appears a little bright but this is very easy to fix in editing. I also think the depth of field (DOF) is a little narrow, but you did manage to get the top flower in focus. The last photo is similar with a narrow DOF but it needs a little light. Nice colours and subject. I believe that both of the last two photos would improve by simply moving away from the subject just a little, getting closer to your subject in macro comes at a price, narrower DOF, the need for flash eventually, harder focusing needing more precise handholding, etc.

I think you did a good job on thesešŸ˜€ , the photos themselves are pretty good, but I would like to know a little about your editing if you do use it. Good work šŸ‘, thanks for sharing and hope to see morešŸ™