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Just a story of my life for last couple of months

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Love Macro
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Mar 13, 2020
Hello guys. I'm very sorry that I have been inactive for that long, I'm going right now through not very easy timings. 2 months ago me and my girlfriends decided to make a major change in our life and close our rental contract in London which did happen. After that we lived through Airbnb for 1 months (definitely not that easy as I thought).
I forgot to mention that we also booked a trip to Tenerife for holidays, around 8 days, we really liked there, sadly Wizz Air cancelled the return flight and we lost 1 night at a hotel, I still haven't got my money back from the company. A's we haven't had a place to stay when we came back, we slept at Luton Airport for 1 night, same again, it wasn't easy.

So, we went back to London for couple more days and decided to move out from London, up England, we did the move, booked again through Airbnb 16 nights, sadly we could not found a property as I'm working as a self employed, all the agencies, they don't really look at you, unless you willing to pay 12 months upfront which is huge amount of money, and we don't have it. Because of stress and hard timings my girlfriend chooses to leave me and go to London for a couple of days. I was destroyed, very upset, all my plans just went in the bin, she said to me when arrived in London that she wants back, but I replied to her NO, because she shouldn't be left me in the first place. Last couple of days I didn't know what to do, was working and I was thinking that 6 years of relationship were gone, and I lose 6 years from my last. I drove to London from North UK, 5 hours to take all my stuff from the storage as my girlfriend decided to leave me, I spoke to my mom as well, which told me that she will respect any decision I will make, however is never too late to meet new people.

Anyway, at the end after some conversation with my girlfriend, she went to visit my mom and to chat, to decide what she wants to do. And... and the end we had a chat together with my girlfriend, she said that she does love me and she made a mistake, I did forgive her, I really hope I made a right decision. And she is coming back tomorrow.

What do you think, did I make the right decision to forgive her?


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Feb 21, 2021
Jack, I'm sorry you went through this situation.
You've already made a decision to forgive her in the end, so stick with it and try again. It is a bad move to leave a partner when he/she is in a trouble (unless he/she does a criminal activities), but maybe you girlfriend had her own reasons. From what I know women need certainty and security.
It will scar your relationship for sure but as long as both of you move on, not blame each other in the future and take it as a lesson, the relationship may grow stronger. However, a relationship is about pursuing a happiness and having each others back during the worst. If you are unhappy, leave. So is she. I wish both of you the best.