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Love Macro
Staff member
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Mar 13, 2020
Hello everyone.

I really hope you are doing well. I know I have been very inactive lately here, and for those who know me, I try to spend time on forums as much as I can, and when I can. However, as I grow, I do have other priorities (photography is still one of them), and I don't find a lot of time for the forums.

I also would like to let you know guys, that I'm getting married next month, I think that's a huge step in my life, which means I will have to focus more and more on things that I wasn't before.

You may be disappointed that I don't spend much time on the forums, even if these have been built by myself, however as I said, I still try to be online when I can, especially welcoming new members.

There are amazing artists on this forum which post daily on this site with beautiful content and keeps going, and I would say a big Thanks to you guys, and thanks for supporting this forum.

As I won't have much time onward, I would like to leave someone in charge on my forums, someone who has more time than me and have a passion for forums.

If any of you are interested, feel free to PM, or reply here.

And yes, I will be very busy upcoming weeks with this wedding, which already cost me a bit of money, but hopefully after the wedding I will be back on my forums. I also now try to focus on my new YouTube channel too. Which I found a bit of fun. But my forums are my main achievements for now, and these will be online as long as I am alive.