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RF100-500 in macro mode

Hi Guys I took these on a recent walk about with a Canon R7 and RF100-500L


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Mar 5, 2024
A very interesting serie. I had no idea that this zoom could give such good results in proxi/macro. Well done to the photographer.
To get detailed opinions on the photos, it might be better not to put so many pictures in a single post. Grouping them by subject, so that there aren't more than two or three, wouldn't be bad. For example, a post about dragonflies.
The first one is a very good shot, but it has a halo problem. This can probably be corrected, at least partially, in post-processing. The snail shot lacks a bit of sharpness.
The weevil shot is a real macro. And a good one. Did you use a Raynox or another lens to take it?
By the way you could have an even better result with a longer exposure (1/250 would probably be enough) and a lower ISO (ISO 6400 is pretty high).
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