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Want critique 

Wild jumping spider.

Was first time handling spiders all together.
And he was a wild one .

Need improvements?
Canon T7i
55-250 ,with extension tubes
1/250 ss
Iso 100

Andy Smith

New Member
Sep 17, 2021
Really nice tones and detail. I think the composition works well and focus is on the eyes, which is always good.
The catchlights in the eyes are a little harsh for my taste, did you use any type of diffuser or flash?
Overall though a very nice image.


New Member
May 15, 2022
Cracking shot, I really love those little jumping spiders, did you bring the spider into a more controlled setting? As for critique, beautiful composition and tones lovely focus and nice highlight in the eyes. If I had to give a negative it woul onl be you name/stamp is a bit distracting id have it in the other corner and fade it a touch however that really is nitpicking