LAOWA 25mm f/2,8 Ultra Macro 2,5-5x

Nikon, Canon, Sony,
Macro, Extreme Macro.
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General Information

Lens type
This incredible lens, has been built for those photographers who want to move to next macro level, into extreme macro photography. Great image quality and eays to use.

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Optical Features

Focal length
25 mm
Manual Focus
Minimum aperture
Maximum aperture


Diaphragm blades

Latest reviews

Excellent lens for extreme macro
5.00 star(s)
Build quality
5.00 star(s)
Ease of use
4.00 star(s)
Value for money
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Image quality, price, solid construction, lightweight, compact.
Cons: Very specialized lens, completely manual, lacks infinity focus, may be frustrating for beginners.
This is an excellent specialized lens for extreme macro photography. By using focus stacking technique, you can achieve excellent, crisp photos with it. I have been using it for several months and I'm impressed with the quality of this small lens. I like to use it at 5x and I have never noticed chromatic aberration. At f 4.0 I have had no diffraction issues which is great considering the magnification it reaches. It can also be used for single shots, but being a complete manual lens and considering that the depth of field is very shallow even at 2.5x, it can be very challenging to get your subject in focus if it is moving. That is why, this is not my fist choice for doing macro outside of the studio. But definitely is a winner at the studio and makes a suitable alternative to the more expensive MPE 65 from Canon.
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A must-have for extreme macrophotography
5.00 star(s)
Build quality
5.00 star(s)
Ease of use
4.00 star(s)
Value for money
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Extremely sharp images, excellent quality optics & build.
Cons: Zoom ring a little hard to manage, the lens cap can be easily lost. No IS nor autofocus. Manual aperture ring.
I have tried several macro lense, from Canon 100mm 1:1, the cheap Amscope 4X, and Lomo 3,7 microscope lenses. The quality of the images taken with this lens is impressive, an excellent alternative to MPE-65.
Build is top-quality, metal mount. My favorite lense.
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