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  1. S

    I am new here...

    Hi! Jack invitated me to join this community. I live in southern Germany and am a retired orchestral musician. I enjoy photographing plants and animals especially in my garden. I'm delighted to join your community. Thank you!
  2. H

    Your opinion? Rose Apple Blossom

    A just opened rose apple blossom with an ant in attendance :)
  3. Vimes

    Want critique Big Boy In Blossom

    Found that little dude today in Karlsruhe. He was calm and and gave me time to find a good angle. Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm on APSC ISO 200 f16 (I think) 1/250s Speedlight with diffuser uesed: Topaz SharpenAI - though the effect is mostlyy visible in magnification
  4. John LB

    Want critique Baby steps with a macro lens

    So I received my first macro lens a few days ago and been trying to make something nice with it Here's one I like, let me know what you think
  5. Ruth Tomlinson

    Your opinion? New to Macro Derie