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  1. Desc1234

    Your opinion? Bombilius maior at rest

  2. L

    Your opinion? Female thistle gall fly (Terellia serratulae).

    beautiful little fly (8mm) with its iridescent eyes! The problem is that this fly is very active and very small, difficult to combine sharpness and depth of field, freehand. The framing is not very good ...
  3. L

    Your opinion? Eristalis tenax

    Photo taken in my garden
  4. L

    Your opinion? the dance of hoverflies

    Myathropa florea Mating dance of the flower hoverfly
  5. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Chloromyia sp.

    Here is a photo taken this afternoon of a diptera found in my parents' swiming pool.
  6. L

    Want critique The beast with two backs

    I struggled for this rather simple photo! find an interesting angle of view, despite the Scabious (the flower) without hiding the insects (Sicus ferrugineus). So the sharpness is not there for the flower, but I find that it highlights the dipterans ... Do you have any suggestions for this kind...
  7. Shan

    Your opinion? I want to "fly" said the fly

    ...but this one was born with deformed wings. So he became a model!! Good morning from 🇮🇳
  8. Shan

    Your opinion? another fly-diptera sp (Guess this onset of the monsoons brings in flies to the wall)

    when i took this photo there was no space on the left after rotating it 90 degrees. This is because this bloke was sitting just beneath the LED Tube light. So i took the photo, rotated it, invoked the magic spell of PS and then the sub magic of "crop" and "content aware", To make it presentable...
  9. Shan

    Your opinion? Diptera sp. (Some fly) looking at you

    this guy was staring at me from the wall. No manners!!
  10. Shan

    Your opinion? Choromyia sp. Amigo on the wall

    This is a species of flies (Order: Diptera) which is tiny but very colorful. I am sure I have shared photos of this amigo on my wall before :)
  11. Shan

    Your opinion? Mosquito

    i never stop before i swat mosquitoes. But they are beautiful, when you look through my lens...what say? 😁 f32,1/320, d7200+90mm tammy non vc, external offbody Sonia flash gn72, all handheld
  12. B

    Your opinion? Horse Fly on a Camelia flower

    March Fly aka Horse Fly sitting on a Camelia Flower I shot recently. 8 shot handheld focus stack Gear | Sony A7II |Sony LA-EA3 Adaptor | Tamron 90mm | Kenko Extension Tubes 68mm | Raynox DCR250 Diopter | Godox TT685s Speedlight | Settings | 90mm | f18.0 | 1/125secs | ISO 400 |