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  1. Architect79

    Your opinion? Our cactus is starting to bloom

    Our cactus is starting to bloom
  2. Abe Maaijen

    Want critique Bumblebee with parasites.

    Bumblebee with parasites on a forget-me-not
  3. Abe Maaijen

    Your opinion? A detail of the Amaryllis. stack of 48

  4. Abe Maaijen

    Want critique Like a grafic drawing.

    The seed of the goatsbeard.
  5. 1stgc

    Your opinion? Bee on flower

    I captured this beautiful little bee on one of the flowers in our garden
  6. Yohanna_D

    Your opinion? Tiny creature in spring time

    Hi everyone, Here is a photo taken today while the weather was more than gorgeous! Thnak you for your lovely feedback. Hope to be back here and post as much as possible.
  7. Architect79

    Your opinion? Fly on the flower

  8. Lazarito305

    Your opinion? Orange and Yellow

    I'm very proud of this shot. The sun was cooperating with me. Tell me what you guys think.
  9. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || Glowing Flower ||

    It's an image of a Calandrinia flower. It was taken with Sony A7iii with Sony 90mm Macro lens.. I have used external flash with Softbox diffuser. It's a stack of two images. I was impressed by the glowing mushroom photos which I've seen on this forum. I used the same technique. One photo was...
  10. A

    Your opinion? Lilly Macro

    Taken in May 2021 with a Sony a7c with natural lighting.
  11. AmsterdamXXX

    Your opinion? some nice little flowers

    in our local park there are lots of these trees, they are lovely
  12. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Common Brown Butterfly - Heteronympha merope

    I dont get too many photos of butterflies, they are very skittish and dont let you get near at all near my area. Anyways, here is one I got last spring. Hope you like it..
  13. lovitazoe

    Your opinion? A Red Tulip 🌷

    Finally, Flower Dome Singapore brings back the tulip festival (no tulips last year due to the rampant covid 19). I was so happy to see this flower again😍. I took a lot of photos and this is one of them. Hope you like it and I am open to any constructive criticism. ️😀
  14. Clematis Rooguchi

    Clematis Rooguchi

  15. Pranay P Mohanty

    Hi there guys!

    Am new to this group. Am a banker by profession and a photographer by passion. I am more into macro, wildlife, birding and landscape. I love biking, reading and working out in the gym. Thanks for having me here!
  16. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || It's Lunchtime ||

    These are the images of an ant. It was on a luffa flower. These were taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with softbox diffuser. Hope you like these. :) f/14, 1/320s, ISO500, FL - 210mm f/14, 1/320s, ISO500, FL - 210mm
  17. Lightroom-2219.jpg


  18. G

    Your opinion? Flower from my garden

  19. panos_adgr

    Your opinion? Delicate Buds

    Delicate Buds Small delicate Buds ready to bloom and shine their hidden beauty.
  20. A

    Your opinion? One of my latest shots

    What do you think about it?