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  1. Jack

    Arsenal Gear

    Hello. I just came across with Arsenal website and seems they offer a gadget which will automatically adjust picture settings. Have anyone tried it?
  2. panos_adgr

    Black Friday 20/11/2020

    Black Friday 27/11/2020 Black Friday tomorrow... And as we say here in Greece 'I have an itch'. Something boils inside me....šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£ If I come across a good deal who knows. I'm already tuned and standing by. Sometimes there are excellent offers. Are you thinking of taking advantage of Black Friday...
  3. SonjaD

    Photography of ants ... need some suggestions on how to enhance magnification

    Hello @all I just started with Macro, I use Olympus M5 II and Macro lens 60 mm...but I already figured that you have to come close in 1:1 and it is not that easy when following moving subjects - like ants- which I want to photograph more. Does anyone have an idea how to best enhance this equip...