jumping spider

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  1. Marpissa muscosa female

    Marpissa muscosa female

    Jumping spider. Marpissa muscosa female
  2. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Marpissa muscosa male 8mm long

    Here is a photo made this afternoon of a beautiful male Marpissa muscosa 8mm long.
  3. O

    Your opinion? Jumping Spiders Met Recently

    Camera: SONY A6100 Lens: LAOWA 60mm MACRO f2.8 Two-head flash with custom diffuser ISO100 f11 or f16 1/160
  4. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || Peekaboo || [Phidippus]

    Here is a picture of a jumping spider, Phidippus. It was taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with diffuser. Hope you like it. :) || Peekaboo || f/13, 1/250s, ISO2000, FL - 107mm
  5. My little buddy from work :)

    My little buddy from work :)

    Captured with my old Nikon D700 and a Tamron 90mm + Raynox 250. Also this is my first focus stacked picture 3 picture stacked.
  6. eliasfta

    Your opinion? Aussie Bronze Jumper - Helpis minitabunda catching lunch

    Found this lil guy in my backyard eating on a moth fly.
  7. MinitecaPhotographie

    Opened Theme Jumping spider photo theme

    Like it seems that there are some members who love, like me, jumping spiders I choose to start a new theme on our tiny height legged friends.
  8. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Evarcha arcuata male

    Here is another photo shared in my story of a little male Evercha arcuata about 5mm long.
  9. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Phlegra sp. juvenile male

    I think this little guy is a Phlegra bresnieri juvenile male but not completely sure. Handheld single shot with Olympus OM-D em10 MIII, Laowa 50mm supermacro lens, Meike MK320 flash and homemade curved diffuser.
  10. 27022021-P2270018.jpg


    Evarcha arcuata female
  11. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Shy jumping spider

    Here is one shot made this afternoon of a Phlegra sp. juvenile about 2.5mm long. I've selected this one because, as she was cleaner her both eyes at the same time with pedipalps, she looks like playing hide and seek. Original size
  12. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Male and female Evarcha arcuata

    Here are two photos from the series I've made this afternoon. As usual hand held single shots with Olympus OM-D e-m10 mark iii, Laowa 50mm supermacro lens, Meike MK320 flash and homemade curved diffuser. The female size And the male size
  13. eliasfta

    Your opinion? Vicious killer on my fence!

    Witnessed this little jumping spider taking out a fly double it's size, managed to get this pic of him showing off his kill, vicious! lol
  14. MinitecaPhotographie

    Want critique Macaroeris nidicolens female

    Here is a fresh new photo made between noon and two today of a nice Macaroeris nidicolens female about 4mm long. Hand held single shot with Olympus OM-d em10 mark III, Laowa 50mm supermacro lens, flash and curved diffuser. Effective magnification 4:1
  15. 28012021-P1280018.jpg


    Saitis barbipes female. 3mm long. Single shot made with Olympus OM-D emd10 m3, Laowa 50mm supermacro lens, Meike mini cobra flash and homemade curved diffuser. ISO 200, F/8, 1/200s
  16. 29122020-DSC_1191.jpg


    Saitis barbipes female
  17. Mudart

    Want critique So here's my favorite spider pic.

    So this one was just jumping around on the marble floor. Feed me back :)
  18. TomM

    Your opinion? Female Cyclopes Jumping Spider

  19. BokehNola

    Want critique The Traveller

    Back in March I rented a Uhaul truck to move to a new house. My brother-in-law drove the Uhaul while I followed him. All of a sudden, my brother-in-law starts wildly swerving in the road. When we get to my house, he jumps out of the truck and screams there's a spider in there that jumped in...
  20. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Helpis Minitabunda on Aloe Vera leaf

    Hi, Practicing some jumping spider shots before my Grampians trip. Found this male jumping spider in my front garden. This specific species of jumping spider I have become very familiar with, they are very abundant during the warmer months, the females are much more difficult to identify, they...