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  1. TomM

    Your opinion? Mantis

    Young South African Mantis.
  2. TomM

    Your opinion? Weevil

  3. TomM

    Your opinion? Green Cicada

  4. TomM

    Your opinion? Striped Lax Beetle

    An insect to be very careful of!
  5. TomM

    Your opinion? Baby jumper!

    Newly hatched baby House hopper jumping spider about 1 mm, There were many of these tiny jumpers on the side of the house but I doubt many will make it to adults.
  6. TomM

    Your opinion? Two Spined Spider

  7. TomM

    Your opinion? Young Katydid

  8. TomM

    Your opinion? Stick insect portrait

  9. TomM

    Your opinion? Trypetisoma fly

    These are tiny little quick moving flies about 2mm but rather striking.
  10. TomM

    Your opinion? Out of the dark

  11. TomM

    Your opinion? Harlequin

  12. TomM

    Your opinion? Common wasp

    Introduced into New Zealand and now very much seen as an invasive pest species.
  13. TomM

    Your opinion? Garden Assassin

    One of the gardens alpha predators!
  14. TomM

    Your opinion? Minion Spider

    Phycosoma oecobioides male but I always call it the Minion spider. Very distinctive in looks but also very tiny, males are about 1.8 mm.
  15. TomM

    Your opinion? Bee

  16. TomM

    Your opinion? Resting Carrot Wasp

  17. TomM

    Your opinion? Cicada

    Early season Cicada!
  18. Greg Shchepanek

    New Zealand Opening up

    When it comes to television and film, New Zealand’s rugged landscapes, stunning lakes, hills and valleys are well-established international stars. Countless travelers have ventured there seeking the beauty of Middle-earth. Now, for the first time in 11 years, a landscape that featured in key...
  19. TomM

    Your opinion? Wasp

  20. TomM

    Your opinion? Knobbled Orb Weaver