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  1. DublinBiker

    Your opinion? Guitar strings

    A photo I took recently of my guitar. Trying out different ideas at home.
  2. IMG_20210517_204449.jpg


    Blooming in the dark. Nikon D700 + Tamron 90mm
  3. Bihari

    Your opinion? Locust on a leaf.

  4. Bihari

    Want critique Christmas edition

  5. Bihari

    Your opinion? Happy wife Happy life. 😄

  6. Bihari

    Want critique First 1:2 macro with my Nikkor 28-105mm.

    Fare from perfect rather interesting. What do you think?
  7. Bihari

    Your opinion? Edited or not edited version do you prefer more?

    Edited Unedited
  8. Bihari

    Your opinion? What is the name of this creature?

  9. Bihari

    Want critique With my new old D700 :D

  10. Test Nikon D7100 to SELL

    For sale Test Nikon D7100 to SELL

    it's a test : I sell my reflex Nikon D7100
  11. Greg Shchepanek

    2020 Nikon Small World Competition

    I am a big fan of Photo Competitions don't much like entering but I do love to see the outcome of the battle to see who is the best and this competition is for photomicrography and small world photos so I do hope you are interested to see who is the best according to Nikon in the appreciation of...
  12. Bihari

    Want critique Tamron reflection .

  13. Guardian of the leaf

    Guardian of the leaf

    F32 1/160 iso320
  14. Bihari

    Your opinion? Guardian of the leaf.

  15. Bihari

    Your opinion? A lonely moment.

    Unfortunately the image to big I can't upload....
  16. Bihari

    Your opinion? B&W A single drop.

  17. Bihari

    Your opinion? Will you take me home?

  18. Bihari

    Want critique First day with my New Tamron SP 90mm Di VC USD (f004)

  19. Bihari

    Your opinion? On a macro Bokeh hunt.

    I know it isn't the sharpest tool but I hope you will like the results 😁 No1 No2
  20. Bihari

    Your opinion? Macro with Vintage lens

    Nikon D5300 + Helios 44m F2 + extension tube + Neewer 750II 1/200 ISO500 f11 flash 1/16 Nikon D5300 + Helios 44m F2 + extension tube + Neewer 750II 1/200 ISO200 f11 flash 1/8