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  1. S

    Your opinion? Photo rose Rose
  2. Jack

    Subjects during the winter

    Hi everyone, just interesting, what subjects you will shoot during the winter, as outside will be cold , and maybe snow in some countries and you won’t have that chance to shoot insects ? I was thinking about jewelleries, and other home small products, even ice or water drops.
  3. Jack

    Editing images on phone ?

    Hi. Has anyone tried to retouch images on their phone? If yes, what app are you using it ?
  4. Jack

    Why people choosing Sony ?

    Hi. I was wondering to ask those Sony owners, why there a lot of people are choosing Sony over other brands, or they are switching from other brands to Sony ?
  5. Jack

    Your future camera

    Hello guys. Let's have a small discussion here. What camera you planning to buy or you saving for, and why ? Personally thinking about Canon RP, but did not start to save yet :D
  6. Jack

    Landmark locations in your town?

    Hello, let’s discuss a bit off topic :) The question is, what’s the most popular and well knows landmarks places to visit in your town or country ? Also good to photograph them. Example here in London, people are mostly visiting Tower Bridge, Tower Hill. The Shard, Cathedral St. Paul and many...
  7. Jack

    own website or online portfolio?

    Hi. I was wondering how many here are having own website or you prefer online sites like Flickr for showing your work ?
  8. Jack

    Show of your equipment

    Hello guys, let's share a bit our equipment what we have. I will start first, so my equipment can be found below in picture :). I know is not a lot, but it's ok for me. So how about you guys. Waiting for other's pictures too.
  9. Jack

    Making money from photography

    Hello. There I will ask a question which probably most of us want it. Do you guys make money from photography, or at least trying it? I know how costly and expensive is to be a photographer. I was trying before to sell prints but it's hard too. How you guys are trying to cover your expenses...
  10. Costy Sarc

    Photographer or camera?

    Hello guys. What do you think. What's the most important, photographer's eye, or a modern camera body?