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  1. yungsherpa

    Slightly off topic, but favorite presets for Lightroom?

    Hi, I usually enjoy nature, landscape, wildlife, and macro photography. When I take photos like these I may walk out with a maximum of 500 photos to siphon through in Lightroom. I'll just manually edit all of those. However, I have a 3 day wedding + a few engagement shots incoming for a close...
  2. MinitecaPhotographie

    Opened Game Post-processing game

    Hello all macro friends, Today I'll to see your interpretation in post processing of one of my photos. Following this link you'll find a RAW file that I want you to treat as you'll like to. Just post it after and we'll see which one get the best result.
  3. Helix_2648

    Closed Game A new landscape challenge for you!

    Hi mates, I've one HDR picture from my last walk which might be interesting for all of you who wants to try to manage the lights and shadow. Please find a download link below with the JPG and the original TIFF. Link Have fun!
  4. grphotog641

    Your opinion? Post-Processing examples

    I'm new to macro, but have been doing digital photography as a hobby for about the last 10 years (and B&W film long before that). For most of my shooting, I've tried to keep my post-processing as realistic as possible - boost some levels, fix some noise, etc. This is particularly the case for...