Slightly off topic, but favorite presets for Lightroom?

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May 19, 2022
Hi, I usually enjoy nature, landscape, wildlife, and macro photography. When I take photos like these I may walk out with a maximum of 500 photos to siphon through in Lightroom. I'll just manually edit all of those.

However, I have a 3 day wedding + a few engagement shots incoming for a close friend, and I'm expecting over 10,000 photos I'm going to have to edit. Have you purchased any bundles for lightroom presets? Which ones are your favorites for wedding photography? Maybe some of them would carry over to my landscape and macro work!
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Love Macro
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Mar 13, 2020
Hi yungsherpa yungsherpa , I do edit my photos individually as well, as I like to have them edited as I wanted, not just applying a preset. I don't think buying Lightroom presets are worth it, just edit them. I've done weddings too, and never had to apply preset to all of them,

Also, if you enjoy landscape photography, feel free to join our sister forum for landscape photographers:

Hopefully to open one for wildlife photographers as well.