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  1. Greg Shchepanek

    Want critique Tropical Lily of the Incas

    Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas (Alstroemeria) from my Monday Tropical Getaway Photo Shoot. I am adding it to General Macro because it is store bought flower and not a wild flower which I usually shoot. #PhotoShoot #ProductShoot #tropical Canon EOS M100 • EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM • ƒ/4.0...
  2. Greg Shchepanek

    Want critique Some Sort of Tropical Lily ?

    Part of the Photo Shoot on Monday included a lovely bouquet of Tropical flowers. I sorta like it when it was all bundled up rather than loose in a vase. If you know the species please comment. #tropical #flowers #unkown #flora Canon EOS M100 • EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM • ƒ/3.5 28.0 mm 1/80...
  3. Jack

    Want critique An other Gold ring

    I posted a while ago with same ring, but here the ring is from different side .
  4. Jack

    Your opinion? 1 Pound Coin (back)

    A promise to @Greg Shchepanek , regarding new english coins. What do you think ?
  5. Jack

    Your opinion? 1 pound Coin (FRONT)

    A promise to @Greg Shchepanek What do you think guys?
  6. Jack

    Want critique Gold butterflies

    Time for to showcase my work, otherwise to much work editing and configurations on forum :D
  7. Jack

    Want critique Gold butterfly

    While at home. had a bit of fun shooting some jewellery. What do you think?