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  1. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Wolf spider

    I myself am afraid of spiders. Still, I think it's cool to take macro photos of them as long as they are smaller than 10mm. Olympus E-M1MarkIII Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm macro 1/125 F/4 iso 100 Stack of fifteen photos by hand. Daylight
  2. Rune

    Your opinion? 4x of spider

    Stack ~100 pictures at F4.0, ISO 160, 1/125 Taken with X-T4 with Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro Used wemacro rail Merged with Helicon Focus and some editing in LR
  3. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Zebra Jumping Spider

    This Zebra Jumping Spider was sitting on the fence in the garden. E-M1MarkIII, M.Zuiko 60mmf/2.8 macro, iso 100, 1/160sec, f/2.8 Stack of fifteen photos taken in the camera Hand held Daylight
  4. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Jumping Spider

    This photo was taken while it was getting dark. The spider walked on the barn door and it is already dark.
  5. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Want critique Spider on web, BW

    Hunting spider on the web,- black and white, single shot, althought from the focus brackeeting sarja šŸ¤­ How do you like the picture ? ;)
  6. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Want critique Hunting spider

    Hunting spider..
  7. dorokku

    Your opinion? Spider

    a little spider