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  1. Jack

    How you see website homepage ?

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask how you see our website homepage? I always try to make it as simple as possible, but sometimes I found its hard to highlight everything in one page. Let me know if your opinion or any suggestions how you'd like to see our homepage. Thanks :)
  2. Greg Shchepanek

    Brand new Site Features World Habitats

    Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) are the most important places in the world for species and their habitats. Faced with a global environmental crisis we need to focus our collective efforts on conserving the places that matter most. The KBA Programme supports the identification, mapping, monitoring...
  3. Greg Shchepanek

    Music I love music would love to see a Poll

    @Greg got me thinking this morning all the different options for listening to music online and I would love to know how people are listening and with what apps. Where can you find your most music options? I listen to Apple Music but I find I am missing out on my music searches for Albums and such.
  4. Jack

    own website or online portfolio?

    Hi. I was wondering how many here are having own website or you prefer online sites like Flickr for showing your work ?
  5. Jack

    Did you knew ? :)

    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if you noticed this page before, but it's really easy and quick to access and to find exactly what you want. Have a look below:
  6. Karl

    About wix platform?

    I was wondering how many of you tried to build a website with Wix, and they are good as they advertise everywhere ? Is worth spending money monthly for subscription ?
  7. Jack

    CMS KOKEN 2.0.0

    This is an open source great CMS to build your website for photography. How to install? 1. Unzip the file to the desktop. 2. Upload the file to your FTP server. 3. Access your domain name, and write all the details accordingly to the tabs on your browser. Any issues, please do post them...