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  1. Bug on the Run

    Bug on the Run

    Bronzed Tiger beetle doing everything possible not to be filmed. You will see him scoot around & be nice & blurry
  2. Vimes

    Your opinion? "Balkenschröter" (Small stag beetle)

    Build like a little tank - crossed my way today. Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm f 16 1/250s ISO 200
  3. Vimes

    Your opinion? Grandfather Bug

    Grandfather Bug Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm f16 1/250s ISO 400 Speedlight with diffuser
  4. Vimes

    Your opinion? King of the garden

    Found today. The eye could have been sharper ... but I liked the pose Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm ISO 800 1/250s f16 Speedlight with diffuser
  5. Vimes

    Your opinion? Into the wave

    „Into the wave“ Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm ISO 200 f16 1/125s Speedlight with diffuser
  6. Vimes

    Want critique Big Boy In Blossom

    Found that little dude today in Karlsruhe. He was calm and and gave me time to find a good angle. Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm on APSC ISO 200 f16 (I think) 1/250s Speedlight with diffuser uesed: Topaz SharpenAI - though the effect is mostlyy visible in magnification
  7. Vimes

    Your opinion? Bad Hair Day

    Little bug that somehow found it’s way into our garden. Fuji X-T3 1/250s f11 or f16 speedlight with diffusor
  8. Bihari

    Want critique A little visitor during the Lockdown.

  9. Greg

    Your opinion? Black and orange flying with ...

    Hi, when i gone to the forest I saw this bug, orange and black, on the floor, with ... baby ? I don't know what is it, if it's babys or other bug which attack ... But when i get closer, it start to fly away ^^
  10. Little-em

    Want critique Should bug.

  11. Greg

    Your opinion? Bug on balcony :p

    Hi !!! Sometimes I'm asking "what is my speciality ?" Then ... I think it's shooting at home and ... on my balcony :p
  12. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Adelphocoris quadripunctatus

    I found this little nymph by chance and I think it's a very cute one. Hope you like this picture as well.
  13. Greg

    Your opinion? Gendarme 2

    Hi ! before i shoot a "gendarme" bug but the result was not what I want. Yesterday I shoot an other one, better ^^
  14. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Beetle, 2.5X

    A beetle found dead last night. Stack of 89 images - Helicon Focus Laowa ultra macro 25mm lens f/2.8 1/125 ISO 100 Flash (2) and homemade difusser Final adjustments in Photoshop.
  15. Bart the belgian

    Your opinion? don't jump

    Hello everybody, I don't have a lot of time these days to do macro. My collegue is on vacation, my children wants daddy in the swimmingpool after work, and now I have 12 days that I'm in the hospital without rest (yes also during the weekend) (only at home in the eveninghours). So I try to do...
  16. Malekedr

    Your opinion? Handheld macro

    I should really learn the names of the bugs I take pictures of I use a flash with a diffuser and I also edited and crop the picture with a app on my phone
  17. Greg

    Your opinion? An other bug, gendarme ?

    Hi , here is an orange bug, maybe call it Gendarme in french, but without black spots on it's back.
  18. Greg

    Your opinion? Flie

    Here is a flie ! I like to take picture of it, but not so easy sometimes
  19. Greg

    Your opinion? My first Grasshopper

    Hi ! Here is my first Grasshopper ! Hope you'll like it ^^
  20. Bart the belgian

    Want critique don't thouch my food

    I don't know what to think about this one. I tried a different angle, other ISO than I use to use. A little higher F stop. I don't like the reflexion on the backshield. It looks like it's not sharp but when i do 100% it's sharp i think. This is no crop and a single shot.