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  1. Dragonfly at the Creek

    Dragonfly at the Creek

    Shooting with a Canon EOS M100 EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM. I believe it is an Autumn Meadowhawk Dragonfly (Sympetrum vicinum) at Alleyn-et-Cawood, Québec, C...
  2. Dragonfly of the Fall

    Dragonfly of the Fall

    Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum) female at the Bill Mason Centre, Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada. Canon EOS M100 • EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM • ƒ/4.0 28.0 mm 1/320 100 Flash (off, did not fire)
  3. Dalantech

    Want critique Critter Mix

    Snails have been hitting our strawberries like they're an all you can eat buffet. I found a snail close to our plants this morning, I placed it on a half eaten strawberry, and then tracked it with the camera as it moved hoping to get something interesting. Tech Specs: Canon 80D (F14, 1/250...
  4. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Beetle 1X

    Beetle 1X ISO 200 1/125 f/2.8 Stack of 157 images in Helicon Focus Stepsize 50um Wemacro rail EF 100 mm lens
  5. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Rhyephenes humeralis

    This is a type of common weevil found near home. magnification 4X Lomo 3,7X microscope lens and 160 mm extension tubes 1/125, ISO 100 Wemacro automated rail, steps 30 um Stack of 101 images in Helicon Focus.
  6. Rui_Santos

    Want critique Passoflora foetida

    Passoflora foetida ,
  7. Rui_Santos

    Want critique HoverFly

  8. Rui_Santos

    Want critique Fly and Flowers

    Helicon Remote (78 pics) Helicon Focus CC2019 Canon 80D + EF 100mm + ET Continuos light (2 points) homemade diffuser
  9. Rui_Santos

    Your opinion? Tropida criscollaris

    Tropida criscollaris Manual focus stacked image (98 pics) Helicon Focus CC 2019 F/11 - 1,2s - ISO 200 Canon 80D + ET
  10. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Eristalis tenax 3X

    Dronefly Laowa 25mm ultra macro 100 images stacked in Helicon Focus Wemacro automatic rail 1/!25 ISO 100 2 flashes & homemade diffusers
  11. G

    Others Canon gun

    Original idea? No. Does it looks cool? I think yes.
  12. Jack

    Photography Canon L series lenses

    Hi. And other great topic to discuss. Those who are shooting with Canon lenses, you think that L series lenses are worth the money And investment? I own couple of them , and so far happy . But would like to know Others opinion to. #canon #lenses #photography
  13. Frosted Ivy

    Frosted Ivy

    Taken after a UK frost.
  14. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Mosquito 8X

    I think it's a female (hematophagous) specimen. Lomo 8X microscope lens and extension tubes. Stack of 78 images in Helicon Focus. Flashes, homemade diffuser
  15. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Moth 4X

    A Moth's face. Magnification 4X Lomo 3,7X microscope lens and extension tubes. Stack of 92 images in Helicon Focus Automatic rail.
  16. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Fly eyes 8X

    I doubt this insect is a fly, but it looks like one. Testing the Lomo 8X microscope lens. Stack of 101 images, steps at 20um, automated rail. Processed in Helicon Focus and Photoshop. Flashes & homemade diffusers.
  17. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Pollinator fly @8X

    Testing Lomo 8X finite microscope lens. 160mm extension tubes 1/125 ISO 200 61 images steps 20 um Helicon Focus & Photoshop
  18. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Half beetle

    A crop of a 2,5X image of a small beetle. 88 images stacked in Helicon Focus. Retouched & cropped in Photoshop. Laowa Ultra macro 25mm lens. k
  19. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Syrphidae 4X

    A small pollinator. 4X maginification 101 images stacked in Helicon Focus. Retouched in Photoshop Laowa ultra macro 25mm lens.
  20. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Fly or Asyilidae 2,5X

    Stack of 80 images, steps 50um. Maybe a pollinator fly or an Asylidae Laowa 25mm ultra macro lense. Wemacro rail.