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  1. CA Madhu Ramaswamy

    Hello from Bangalore, India

    Dear all, greetings from Bangalore, India. I am new here, got invited by one of the members and am happy to be part of this community. I use Canon 70D, 20D and sometimes my Iphone 7+ as well to capture whatever catches my attention. Macro photography in particular is something that I am...
  2. Jack

    Any other ideas ?

    Hello everyone. Just quick question for everyone, is there any other wishes or ideas you’d like to see them implemented on our small site ?
  3. Greg

    Social network - Forum

    Hi ! I saw many times this kind of discussion on different threads. So I wanna talk with you about social networks, and forum, differences and what is good, bad ... For many of us, I saw social networks, is a place where we searching for "like" , no discussion ... I tried yesterday, posting on...