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  1. Maratus Pavonis 01

    Maratus Pavonis 01

    Common peacock jumping spider - Maratus Pavonis
  2. Chavezshutter

    Want critique Common Peacock Jumping spider - Maratus Pavonis

    Hi, I managed to get nice and close for this shot on this spider which I shot 2 days ago, quite lucky as these are the most skittish and smallest of the species I have found so far, they are about 3-4mm long. This jumping spider was the first species of peacock jumping spider recorded back in...
  3. Maratus Tasmanicus 01

    Maratus Tasmanicus 01

    Tasmanian peacock jumping spider - Maratus Tasmanicus, short clip, best seen at 4k. Haven't done video editing for a bit, slowly getting back into it.
  4. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || Thomisus onustus || (Crab Spider)

    These are the images of a white semi-transparent crab spider. I took these photos after the rain. These were taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with softbox diffuser. Hope you like these. :) || Look Into My Eyes || f/16, 1/320s...
  5. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Another Maratus - Maratus Pavonis "Common peacock spider"

    Hi again, Here are photos from another species I have found this year. This species is slightly smaller than the other maratus species I have found, they also tend to stay away from humans more than other species, getting a good photo on these tiny spiders was tricky. I hope to capture one of...
  6. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Maratus Tasmanicus

    Hello, This is the second species I have been lucky to find so far this year, it is a more colourful and more of a "traditional" peacock in terms of colours, hope you like it
  7. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Maratus season in Australia

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted, the cold season here was rather uninspiring and I had slowed down with my photography especially since lockdowns have been going on over here. Anyways, one positive thing has been that I can now travel within the 10km limit to local parks during...
  8. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Olios argelasius male portrait

    Here is a single shot of a beautiful male Olios argelasius from the Sparrasidae family also known as huntsman spiders. Handheld shot made with #Olympus OM-D em10 mark III, #Laowa 50mm supermacro MFT lens, #Meike MK320 flash and homemade curved diffuser ISO100, F/9, 1/200s Photo frame field...
  9. Bihari

    Your opinion? Sunday dinner 🕷️

  10. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || Peekaboo || [Phidippus]

    Here is a picture of a jumping spider, Phidippus. It was taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with diffuser. Hope you like it. :) || Peekaboo || f/13, 1/250s, ISO2000, FL - 107mm
  11. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || Under Construction ||

    I took this photo in 2018 with Xiaomi Mi A1 with universal clip lens attached to it. The spider was building it's web. You can see a small web formed from its spinnerets. Though it was taken with mobile, I really like the picture and thought it was worth sharing. Hope you like it. :) Exif Data...
  12. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Lynx spider under dew

    An other extract from my yesterday early morning outgoing.
  13. Vimes

    Your opinion? Little spider tries to defend his territory

    Little spider defends his leaf from the big intruder with that camera Fujifilm X-T3 Laowa 65mm 2:1 macro f11 or f16 ISO 400 1/250s Speedlight with diffuser
  14. Vimes

    Your opinion? A very small spider (2:1, cropped)

    In our garden ... Fuji X-T3 Laowa 65mm at 2:1 f16 1/125 2 Speedlights
  15. eliasfta

    Your opinion? Vicious killer on my fence!

    Witnessed this little jumping spider taking out a fly double it's size, managed to get this pic of him showing off his kill, vicious! lol
  16. eliasfta

    Your opinion? Jumping spider on fence (Ocrisiona family - Flat Jumping Spider)

    Hi All, This is my first post. Still learning the ins and outs of Macro shooting. But hopefully will soon share more and more shots. Found this little jumping spider on my fence, there seems to be quite a few that live around here. So far I think I've seen 3 different types. They're great...
  17. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Zoropsis spinimana male

    When I hear my wife screaming in the kitchen.......well I quickly come back with my camera to be able to shoot the "monster" which terrifies my wife. She is no longer afraid of jumping spiders, but the "big" Zoropsis spinimana like this beautiful little male of barely 2cm still scare her. Photos...
  18. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? The strangest spider I have found so far....Scorpion-tailed Spider (Arachnura higginsi)

    Hello, This photo is from a few months back. I was looking around my front garden when I noticed a very unusual spider web, the web had width as well as depth, it was like comparing a 3d object vs a picture, it was extremely complex and relatively small. I looked at the web for a while when I...
  19. TomM

    Your opinion? Minion Spider

    Phycosoma oecobioides male but I always call it the Minion spider. Very distinctive in looks but also very tiny, males are about 1.8 mm.
  20. K

    Want critique recap of 2020, a spider: Macrothele calpeiana

    it's not really a macro, but these spiders are beautiful.