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  1. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Wood Anemone

    In Europe at the end of winter or early spring, in our richer forests and in the forests of country estates, entire soil surfaces are often covered with the Wood Anemone. The white flowers are so close together that you might think there are still patches of snow in the forest. The flowers are...
  2. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Morning dew on an Aster

  3. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Twin-lobed deerfly

    The twin-lobed deerfly's bite is particularly painful and can cause swelling. Only the female bites yes bites because they do not sting they really take away a piece of skin (have experience with it as an allergic victim). She's also a relentless stalker once she's got her green eyes on you. You...
  4. A

    Your opinion? Narcissus #2

    Narcissus - June 2019
  5. A

    Your opinion? Ophrys virescens

    Hello, It had been a while since I went to take a flower photo and those there I almost missed this year. I think they flowered a bit early and had a bad frost last week. I still found only one survivor
  6. A

    Your opinion? mushrooms

    a small family of mushrooms
  7. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Wood anemoon

    They are so photogenic the Wood Anemone
  8. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris #7

    Pulsatilla vulgaris
  9. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris

    Pulsatilla vulgaris
  10. A

    Your opinion? Fritillaria meleagris #6

    Hello A Fritillaria meleagris from last year (one of the rare flower photos made between 2 confinements in 2020) Le style change un peu de ce j'ai posté depuis que je suis ici
  11. A

    Your opinion? Narcissus

    A flower from June 2019. Last year I was hardly able to photograph a flower because of the confinement. This is again the case in France from Saturday evening but with the 10 km allowed I should be able to photograph some orchids if they arrive in April.
  12. A

    Your opinion? Anemone nemorosa #3

    Anemone nemorosa
  13. A

    Your opinion? Anemone hepatica

    Anemone hepatica of the day I have a lot of trouble with this little flower and I am always disappointed when I come home. Today there is a little progress I did not put everything in the trash
  14. A

    Your opinion? Melanargia galathea

    Melanargia galathea A small Burgundy butterfly whose portrait was drawn in Meursault in France two years ago. They start to come out with us with spring and we already have the male Anthocharis cardamines. The ladies should not be long. It is difficult for me because I am not early in the...
  15. A

    Want critique Anemone nemorosa #2

    Anemone nemorosa
  16. A

    Your opinion? Anemone nemorosa

    Anemone nemorosa
  17. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris #5

    Pulsatilla vulgaris
  18. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris #4

    Pulsatilla vulgaris
  19. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris #2

    Pulsatilla vulgaris
  20. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Snail

    It is an oldie 2015, when I was still shooting with Nikon. The photo is not stacked, because that function is not on a Nikon.