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  1. TomM

    Your opinion? Young Katydid

  2. TomM

    Your opinion? Stick insect portrait

  3. priyambubai

    Your opinion? Happy World Photography Day

    Happy World Photography Day everyone! It's an image of a Red-veined darter. It was taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with diffuser. Hope you like it. :) || A Red Dragonfly || f/11, 1/125s, ISO500, FL - 82mm [Stack of 2 images]
  4. Jeroen

    Your opinion? German wasp (Vespula germanica)

    This wasp was chilling in the shadows last summer, such a nice creature to see.
  5. Caterpillar in the Capsicum

    Caterpillar in the Capsicum

    Happiness is finding a caterpillar in your Capsicum. I know people might laugh. But if you are a macro fan. It can make your day . 90mm f/5.6 ISO 200. Camera Canon 7D. Lens: 90mm f/2.8 MACRO 1:1
  6. TomM

    Your opinion? New Zealand Green Cryptaranea Orb Weaver

  7. panos_adgr

    Your opinion? Between The Leaves

    Between The Leaves Lets say that for a moment we would be small. Really small. And we would walk in Nature's kingdom. Let's say that for a moment we seek a cool shelter on a sunny day Between the Leaves....
  8. TomM

    Your opinion? Green stink bug

    Early morning Stink Bug
  9. panos_adgr

    Your opinion? Turning Point

    Turning Point If it is something I love in macro photography, is the potentials one has to frame parts of the micro reality and present them in an abstract way. Forms, patterns, lines, curves and textures at any given subject, properly used, can offer great chances of interesting compositions...
  10. Greg

    Your opinion? Look what I found on my ceiling

    Hi, look what I found on my ceiling ^^ This green flying insect. It was hard to take picture of it cause the ceiling is high :p It was on evening so i took the flash ...
  11. Greg

    Wildlife Simply tree

    Hi, I saw those king of pictures, I like it, so I tried , yes, with a macro lens this is not the best ^^
  12. Yohanna_D

    Your opinion? Lime Green

    Hi friends, A new photo here with this bright green that I don't tend to appreciate that much; but this time, I said to myself I would try to enhance the natural colors of spring. So here is my version. I hope you would like it. Thank you for your lovelt support. Best regards.
  13. Bart the belgian

    Want critique Trapped in a spiral

  14. Bart the belgian

    Your opinion? don't jump

    Hello everybody, I don't have a lot of time these days to do macro. My collegue is on vacation, my children wants daddy in the swimmingpool after work, and now I have 12 days that I'm in the hospital without rest (yes also during the weekend) (only at home in the eveninghours). So I try to do...
  15. NeCoTi

    Your opinion? Tettigoniidae

  16. Bart the belgian

    Colour Eyes from above

  17. Bart the belgian

    Want critique natural diamond

  18. Bart the belgian

    Want critique eyes from above

  19. Bart the belgian

    Your opinion? 50 shades of green

  20. panos_adgr

    Your opinion? Natural Patterns

    Yesterday I visited for one more time the Botanical Garden near my home. Well almost near. I was thoughtful before I leave for the place. I have been visiting this place again again each weekend for the past month and I was thinking.... I 've been there so many times.... and what to shoot...