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  1. A very strange beetle

    A very strange beetle

    It doesn't look like a beetle, but it is, in the genus Ripiphorus. Possibly of Ripiphorus diadasiae. The name 'Rhipiphorus means 'fan-bearer' and refers to the male's antennae, visible here. OM-1, Oly 60mm, Godox v350o, Cygnustech diffuser
  2. Hurricane Holmes

    Your opinion? We are not alone..

    I believe these guys are in the 'chilocorus' genus. Gear: Sony A7III 100mm 2x macro lens Speedlight & diffuser..
  3. Hurricane Holmes

    Your opinion? Pollination..

    This guy loves nectar. Gear: Sony A7III 100mm 2x macro lens Speedlight and diffuser..
  4. A Beetle on Egyptian Starcluster Flowers

    A Beetle on Egyptian Starcluster Flowers

  5. TomM

    Your opinion? Striped Lax Beetle

    An insect to be very careful of!
  6. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Darkling Beetle - Homotrysis cisteloides

    Hello, This is an older photo where I was first experimenting with night macro shooting. I wasn't using diffusion back then but I do still like the shot so I thought I would share..
  7. Bug on the Run

    Bug on the Run

    Bronzed Tiger beetle doing everything possible not to be filmed. You will see him scoot around & be nice & blurry
  8. D

    Android Longhorn Portrait

    I took the photo using my mobile - huawei p40
  9. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Beetle 1X

    Beetle 1X ISO 200 1/125 f/2.8 Stack of 157 images in Helicon Focus Stepsize 50um Wemacro rail EF 100 mm lens
  10. Ashok Kallagunta

    Your opinion? The Flower Chafer beetle.

    The Flower Chafer is a beautiful, shiny, emerald green, and quite large beetle. Flower chafers are small, stocky beetles that come in shimmering bright colors. They look like round little dumplings. The most popular are the emerald green flower chafer, the pachnoda marginata and the Derby's...
  11. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Half beetle

    A crop of a 2,5X image of a small beetle. 88 images stacked in Helicon Focus. Retouched & cropped in Photoshop. Laowa Ultra macro 25mm lens. k
  12. TomM

    Your opinion? Flat faced longhorn beetle

  13. Mandarax

    Your opinion? Lamprodila festiva, semi-portrait

    Lamprodila festiva (Coleoptera: Buprestidae). Despite of what they do now on arbovitae, they remain one of the most beautiful insects in Europe.
  14. Mandarax

    Want critique Capnodis tenebrionis

    I took this photo to a living specimen. This time, it is only one shot, 1/60, F = 11. Canon EF 100 mm, f. 2.8, macro. F 8-11 gives about 5-7 mm DOF. In the field, a flash with a good diffuser is mandatory. Usually not need stack photos if follow f=11, S=1/100-120 (or the maximum speed makes a...
  15. Bihari

    Want critique A little visitor during the Lockdown.

  16. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Beetle

    A beetle (don't know the specie). Stack of 101 images in Helicon Focus (method C) f/2.8 ISO 100, 1/125 Post-processed in Photoshop. Two flashes triggered remotely, homemade diffusers. Wemacro automated rail Steps abt 40um
  17. TomM

    Your opinion? Green Chafer

    These beetles have a rich green colour.
  18. Chavezshutter

    Want critique Battleweary - Blue Metallic Flea Beetle (Altica pagana)

    Hi, Taken at the same time as my Longhorn beetle posted prior, I found this guy at Werribee Gorge park. It has seen better days with only one antenna and a few dents on its armour but the colour alone i felt was worth posting, hope you like it
  19. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Hide and seek - Longhorn Beetle ( Pempsamacra dispersa)

    This photo is about a year old. At the end of a long bushwalking and shooting session at a park I saw this beetle in some foliage, I wanted a better shot where I could see its face clearly but as we were about to leave, this was the best I could manage while it played hide and seek. Shot on my...
  20. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Beetle, 2.5X

    Laowa ultra macro @2.5X ISO 100, 1/125, f/2.8 Flash, homemade diffuser Stack of 101 images in Helicon Focus Wemacro rail @40um Postprocessing in Photoshop