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  1. Architect79

    Your opinion? Daisies at our balcony

    Daisies at our balcony
  2. Architect79

    Your opinion? Daisy

  3. Architect79

    Your opinion? Fly on the daisy

  4. Architect79

    Your opinion? Daisy

  5. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Grey House Spider (Badumna longinqua) - Diffuser testing

    Hi, Haven't shot much macro while I play with my new lens, but I did have the chance to shoot some macro a couple of weeks ago to test a diffuser which I made recently. Here is a spider I shot at a botanical park on day of shooting at Daylesford, Victoria. Hope you like it.
  6. Architect79

    Your opinion? Fly and daisy

    Fly and daisy Canon 6D Mark2 + Tamron 90mm
  7. piotr

    Want critique Osteospermum / African Daisy

    It's been raining off and on all day, so another flower
  8. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Citrine Forktail damselfly (Ischnura hastata) on daisy

    Hi. Found this damselfly on a glass sliding door to my backyard. I was able to pose it on a daisy I had on hand from another project. Hope you like it :)
  9. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Orb Weaver "saves" a failed shot

    Hello, I was trying to get a new refraction shot using the web from a Orb Weaver spider that lives amongst a bromeliads plants in my backyard. I would not bothered posting it as it was a failure ( the daisy i was trying to use in the refraction was too far away from the web and it did not fill...
  10. mariela_mentizi_photo

    Your opinion? I love daisies!!

    A two-toned daisy in my garden.. I really love them!!
  11. Greg

    Your opinion? Simple Daisy

    Hi ! Yesterday I gone to the park with family, and camera :p I didn't saw many things to shoot but I remembered @Helix_2648 sharing video about flower, so I tried ^^
  12. Baenki

    Want critique Brachyscome Daisy

    So today I tried to use the focus bracketing of my camera. The following is a stack of 36 pictures of a Brachyscome daisy edited in Capture One and stacked and retouched in Affinity Photo. This is pretty much the first stack I've done where the object is reasonably sharp from front to back...
  13. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Springtime not far - Bees

    Hello! These bees were shot in my front garden. It is slowly beginning to warm up in Australia. Not too many bees about, many flowers are still to begin blooming except for my daisies which attracted a few bees. I'm trying something different and leaving the images almost undedited. No...
  14. bubblenonblur.jpg


    Daisy Bubbles abstract done with coloured LEDs and basic Lightroom editing with no Photoshop touch ups. Shot on a Sony a7iii + 90mm macro lens
  15. Chavezshutter

    Want critique First post, flower abstract

    This is my first post so I hope I have posted this right; This image was made using glass, bubbles, coloured LED's and a daisy flower. Editing was kept to a minimum ,defocused outer edge was done in post. I prefer to make the scene surreal before i take the shot at least for this specific...
  16. Yohanna_D

    Your opinion? The magic of spring

    Hello, This photo was taken on the spot, very quickly as I did not think for one second it would be a good photo. I still don't believe in it that much, it's just daisies. Still it has something soft and tender and that's something I like about this photo. Thank you for your feedback.
  17. Masterjohn

    Your opinion? Sphaerophoria rueppellii On a daisy

    I saw this little fly who looks like a bee sitting on top of a daisy. I love the mix of colors.
  18. Luca85

    Your opinion? Orange calendula officinalis

    Reflections on orange calendula officinalis , what do you think? Exif data: Iso 100 f/3,2 1/160sec 105mm tripod Multiple images merged with Photoshop ;) Regards :) Luca
  19. Luca85

    Your opinion? Reflected drops

    Another photo today, always with drops ... this time experimenting with reflections! I am increasingly enjoying macro photography, considering that I have had my lens for 5 years ... I have taken more these days than since I bought it :D Regards Luca :)
  20. Luca85

    Your opinion? Drops on daisy

    Exif: Iso 100 f/3,8 1/15sec tripod Nikon d7100 with lens 105 My first experiment with drops Luca