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  1. Shan

    Your opinion? Common Jay caterpillar

    Born a couple of hours ago i guess.... Isnt this cute? f
  2. Shan

    Your opinion? apefly

    this guy Spalgis epius decided to rest on one of my window plants. It was around a feet away.
  3. Shan

    Your opinion? Pupa - The magic box (Just pupated)

    This is the third stage of the butterfly life cycle. This is called a Pupa. This is the intermediate stage between the caterpillar and the butterfly. The two life stages of caterpillar and butterfly are so totally different, and its inside the pupa that the change takes place. There is partial...
  4. Shan

    Your opinion? Hungry cat

    Like all insects which has complete metamorphosis the butterfly too has 4 stages of its life cycle. They are egg, larva (caterpillar), chrysallis (pupa) and imago (adult butterfly). However as you are aware the adult butterfly (or moth) has no mouth hence it cannot "eat" anything. The stage...
  5. Shan

    Your opinion? Moth ..first of the series.

    A moth landed in my bed some time back...out comes the camera...and i shot away to glory!!
  6. Shan

    Your opinion? Common Mormon Cat with everted osmeterium

    The osmeterium is a defensive organ found in all papilionid larvae, in all stages. There is a Common Mormon caterpillar with an everted osmetererium, trying its best to look like a snake!
  7. Shan

    Your opinion? Praying mantis

    heres looking at you....
  8. Shan

    Your opinion? I want to "fly" said the fly

    ...but this one was born with deformed wings. So he became a model!! Good morning from 🇮🇳
  9. Shan

    Your opinion? Flies in love

    These two held position for quite some time. There was also a little fly excreta at 5 o clock position!
  10. Shan

    Your opinion? Long legged fly

    Diptera sp (Flies, Mosquitoes etc) have this behaviour called bubbling. What it does it regurgitates liquid and then ingests it. This is believed to lower its body temperature as well as help in digestion. Here is a long legged fly bubbling. The subject was no more than 3mm, and the photo is a...
  11. Shan

    Your opinion? caterpillar of Papilio polytes, the common mormon - Mimicry/Camouflage

    Did you know? Bird excreta is both dark and white. The white matter is uric acid and the dark matter is the digested food. (also a reason why birds dont pee). Now this caterpillar has so adapted itself that in its initial instars (moults) it looks so like bird excreta that predators tend to...
  12. Shan

    Your opinion? Papilo polytes caterpillar

    here's looking at you... Papilo polytes, (a swallowtail butterfly) caterpillar relaxing
  13. Shan

    Your opinion? Kalanchoe flower

    Good morning from India.🇮🇳. Everybody smile :D
  14. Shan

    Your opinion? After change - Pupa

    Hey @Christophe Berche asked for space and here is space. Does this make the composition any better?
  15. Shan

    Your opinion? Clematis sp

    Just a close up of a flower that i found peaceful
  16. Shan

    Your opinion? Metamorphosis - Pupa

    the third stage of a butterflies life is the pupa. this stage is between the caterpillar and the adult butterfly. though this looks like a sealed box, there is life inside and the part of the adult butterflies are formed inside. A couple of days ago, i shared a photo of a butterfly eclosing from...
  17. Shan

    Your opinion? THE MASK - Discarded head of a caterpillar during pupation

    The last moulting of the caterpillar changes it into a pupa/chrysalis. Here it discards most of the external body parts, like proleg, spikes etc. Most importantly it discards the head. Actually the pupa comes out by cracking the head part and its discarded with the eyes, mandibles etc. Here i...
  18. Shan

    Your opinion? Alien attack (Robberfly with catch)

    Not many times do i get to shoot a robberfly in full frontal mode. However it lends a different dimension to the picture when i do. Specially when it has its catch!
  19. Shan

    Your opinion? another fly-diptera sp (Guess this onset of the monsoons brings in flies to the wall)

    when i took this photo there was no space on the left after rotating it 90 degrees. This is because this bloke was sitting just beneath the LED Tube light. So i took the photo, rotated it, invoked the magic spell of PS and then the sub magic of "crop" and "content aware", To make it presentable...
  20. Shan

    Your opinion? Diptera sp. (Some fly) looking at you

    this guy was staring at me from the wall. No manners!!