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  1. Marcobedaphotoexperience

    Your opinion? Mantide versus Tipula

    La mia Mantide orchidea impegnata a con una Tipula. Scatto con a1 + IRIX 150mm f2.8 libellula + godox MF 12
  2. scmkr

    Photography Laowa 100mm (full frame) vs Laowa 50mm (MFT)

    I have the following setups: Sony a7IV Laowa 100mm 2.8 Sony 90mm Macro Godox 850III Cygnustech Diffuser OM Systems OM-1 Laowa 50mm 2.8 Olympus 60mm Macro Godox v350o Cygnustech Diffuser I originally got the Sony, but paired with either the Laowa or the Sony macro + flash + diffuser, the...
  3. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Darkling Beetle - Homotrysis cisteloides

    Hello, This is an older photo where I was first experimenting with night macro shooting. I wasn't using diffusion back then but I do still like the shot so I thought I would share..
  4. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Maratus Tasmanicus

    Hello, This is the second species I have been lucky to find so far this year, it is a more colourful and more of a "traditional" peacock in terms of colours, hope you like it
  5. TMG1961

    flash problem

    I need some help. My previous Sony a6400 was returned for repair. One problem was that the external flash did not always fire. It was replaced by a brand new Sony a6400. Today i received the Godox TT350s. But i am experiencing the same problem. The flash sometimes just doesn't fire, even when it...
  6. eliasfta

    Your opinion? Jumping spider on fence (Ocrisiona family - Flat Jumping Spider)

    Hi All, This is my first post. Still learning the ins and outs of Macro shooting. But hopefully will soon share more and more shots. Found this little jumping spider on my fence, there seems to be quite a few that live around here. So far I think I've seen 3 different types. They're great...
  7. Chavezshutter

    Want critique Gerbera refraction on vine tendril

    Hi, This is a shoot i did about 2 months ago. The tendril is held over a glass bowl with water to create the water reflection in the bottom of the photo. Lighting is applied to the flower only, darkened room. I have edited with a few tricks (like boosting the water reflection). My next step for...
  8. Jack

    Why people choosing Sony ?

    Hi. I was wondering to ask those Sony owners, why there a lot of people are choosing Sony over other brands, or they are switching from other brands to Sony ?
  9. Chavezshutter

    Want critique Australian Bronze jumping spider 2 (older photo)

    Hi everyone, Here is another photo of one of my house buddies. I was using a rather harsh LED light on the right side but it did give him a nice reflection with his eyes. Single shot handheld, 90mm + extension tube, image is cropped down. This photo is about 10 months old when I began to take...
  10. Jack

    Sony Vs Canon ?

    How you’d compare Sony cameras vs Canon ? Seems there is a big battle between this 2 big brands. A lot of people says that Sony is the best, and others says Canon is the best? My opinion is , the best camera is the one which you used to it. how about your opinion ?
  11. MinoltaMan

    Your opinion? lady bug on a gerber daisy

    caught this lady bug in my garden. sony nex7, minolta auto bellows iii, minolta 100mm f4 bellows lens
  12. MinoltaMan

    Your opinion? just another fly

    this was shot on a whim, with an old vivitar 55mm f2.8. what i like best is the shadow
  13. MinoltaMan

    Your opinion? caterpillar and mushrooms

    shot this little guy with a sony A7ii, minolta auto bellows and minolta SR mount 135mm f4 bellows lens
  14. LeeTan

    Your opinion? Lyns spiders

    - Classification Kingdom Animalia (Animals) Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) Subphylum Chelicerata Class Arachnida (Arachnids) Order Araneae (Spiders) Suborder Opisthothelae Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders) No Taxon (Entelegynae) Family Oxyopidae (Lynx Spiders) Genus Peucetia ————————-
  15. LeeTan

    Your opinion? Cerambycidae by Sony A77 lens Minolta 50f2.8 Stacking - s

  16. Steph

    Camera SONY a6000 Mirrorless

    I want to know from those who own this sonny a6000 camera, mostly want to take with it wildlife, macro and maybe some landscape. My main camera is 6d, but want to try something different, and I heard that sony mirrorless are very good cameras.
  17. Jack

    Sony discussion

    Hello. Please post here all discussion regarding Sony camera brand. Means, included: Camera bodies. Lenses. Adapters. Flash guns. Any other small Sony components. Please respect each other, and do reply to the topic as accurate as possible, also please keep the discussion straight on topic...