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  1. Macroderie

    Opened Theme Flowers

    New photo Theme. Please post the best images you have in stock. Subject: Flowers (Macro & Proxy accepted) Photo credit: @Natalie Start date: 04/06/2022 Rules: 1 Photo per post Do not spam Name of the Camera Only pictures taken with Camera are allowed. Do no use REPLY, use comment to...
  2. Jack

    Photography Canon L series lenses

    Hi. And other great topic to discuss. Those who are shooting with Canon lenses, you think that L series lenses are worth the money And investment? I own couple of them , and so far happy . But would like to know Others opinion to. #canon #lenses #photography
  3. Jack

    How much memory your camera has?

    A bit of interesting topic. And also interested how much memory do you use on your camera? Personally I have 32gb on Canon 7d m2 and 128gb sd on my Canon m50. Still not enough sometime. Because shooting in raw.
  4. G

    Your opinion? An APS-C sensor

  5. Jack

    Camera bar for equipment

    Hi. Is anyone here know or can recommend me an affordable camera bag where I can fit 2 cameras , 1 flash , 6 lenses , a tablet and maybe 17 inch laptop? also space for tripod too. i checked manfrotto, but they are a bit expensive.
  6. Ron Westbroek

    Guide Straighten buildings with an Olympus camera

    Straighten buildings with an Olympus camera. Trapezoid correction A well-known problem: those who take photos of impressive buildings low to the ground and use as much wide angle as possible, runs into distorted images. The more the wide-angle position of a lens is used and the more the horizon...
  7. Jack

    Camera functionalities?

    Hi. What camera functionalities and features you are using the most? Personally I don't use a lot of them, I do shoot in manual mode, and some times in automatic mode. When shooting with my little m50, I use some of features, like hdr, panoramic effect, and others. On my 7d m2, don't really...
  8. Jack

    What camera you wish to own ?

    Hi. Let's discuss here about cameras. What camera you wish to own and why ? Personally I would like buy and own Canon EOS RP, because it's a mirrorless and it's future as well. Also it's very light has more features then my Canon 7D M2. How about you guys ?
  9. Jack

    Camera Industry is dying ?

    Hi. I found this image today , and decided to share with you and to discuss about it. As you see here, the Camera indutry looks like is dying , as more and more people are using their phones for photography. Image Source: Statista What do you think about it? I think it's great topic to...
  10. Jack

    Manul flash or TTL?

    When comes to macro photography, what lens are you choosing? Ttl or manual flash? Personally I have my TTL, I think makes my life easier when comes for shootings
  11. Jack

    What was your first camera?

    What was your first camera? Canon EOS 7D Mark 2
  12. Jack

    Why your camera?

    Hi. Let's discuss here about camera we own. So why you have decided to go with camera you have it at the moment ? I own 7D M2, and I purchased it 4 years ago. First of all, I like the high fps , so 10 frames per second, it's good, you can shoot wildlife and other things which moves fast...
  13. Greg

    What have you got ?

    Hi ! I begin photo reflex with a nikon D60 and 18-55 mm , i bought it 10 years ago when I start reflex photo, for 250€. After few month, I sold it for a D3100 , better mpix Then i sold it for a D300, for 1 year and my parents bought me the D7100 ^^ I bought lens like 35 mm; 50mm; 17-70mm...
  14. Jack

    Bad news for olympus owners !!

    Hello everyone, there sadly are bad news for Olympus camera owners . the Company decided to sell it's division, what do you think about it ? @nataliaflejszar&Photo , @Ron Westbroek so far known people with olympus camera
  15. Jack

    Upcoming news from your brand camera?

    Let's discuss here what our brand camera are preparing to release in future, or what you are expecting them to release and build in order to fulfill your photography needs.
  16. Jack

    Your future camera

    Hello guys. Let's have a small discussion here. What camera you planning to buy or you saving for, and why ? Personally thinking about Canon RP, but did not start to save yet :D
  17. Jack

    shutter count

    Hello. How many of you taking care of your shutter count on your camera ? I think at the moment I have around 20k on my 3 years old Canon 7D M2.
  18. Greg Shchepanek

    Camera of Choice

    Canon EOS M100 • EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM • ƒ/4.0 28.0 mm 1/60 640 Flash (off, did not fire)
  19. Costy Sarc

    Photographer or camera?

    Hello guys. What do you think. What's the most important, photographer's eye, or a modern camera body?
  20. Steph

    What’s the difference between Is lens and without

    I was wondering what’s the difference between a lens which has built in IS and one which hasn’t. Is there any big difference?